Pon de floor

Making a couple of birthday cards on my bedroom floor and catching up with Glee.


Nearly there

I've completed the 63 sections of my piece and now its time to sew it all together.


The Beginning of the End

So this is the very start of my final piece for my exhibition. I have 63 sections like these to complete and to then sew together to create a type of quilt. I won't bore you with them all but here are a selection from the 18 i've done so far. I'll probably make a few changes to them once i've pieced it all together.


Today's workspace

Finishing my course in 2 weeks. Then its left to exhibition set up time.
Panicking a little bit.


A new buy

From Spitalfields market.


Photo Journal

Me and a few friends from Wimbledon have started a new photo journal blog to post regular images we've taken. It's a simple record of each day and was partly inspired by 3191 - miles apart. We started this week so its not yet very development but here it is if your interested:


Get your island on

I dont even like Malibu much but i'm such a loser i'd buy the new "malibu u" range just for the bottles.
Artists involved include Bob London and Julia Pott


This is Ema's new top from Brighton and this is my room.


A few items

Something small i did a while back, a stack of some of the found photographs and a banner I made for my bed. not exactly sure why i'm sharing this but I'm proud of the little thing.