A typography journey

Mock ups for a typography project based on a journey I have taken. I chose my walk along London's Southbank and created my own alphabet out of shapes to unite the key areas along the southbank and to coincide the project with the previous lecture on The Bauhaus and Constructivism.


Church Lane

We were asked to draw a box. Then draw something that meant something to us, to place in our box. I'm not sentimental with objects at all but places always have a hold on me. I drew my house in London, which ultimately proved how difficult it is drawing from memory. He is going on my wall in Halls far away from the silly box I drew.



Yes Glamping (glamorous camping) in the forest, with the graphics students and tutors. Cannot even put into words how cold it was despite the numerous fires we made.

Drawing Sketchbook

Wednesdays are workshop days and being in Group B means I'm doing drawing for a couple of weeks. Our tutor Simon Spilsbury gave us each a sketchbook to fill.


Preliminary work in sketchbook for my "beautiful object"

Sion Hill Campus map

Our first project was more like four mini projects, each requiring us to understand and explore our new environment to which we would be spending a further three years during our degree. Project 1: "Imagine" and create the Sion Hill campus.
P2: to: Create a typology using 8 items found on the graphics floor
P3: Find something "beautiful" and draw using only black and white
P4: Render a quote from the library


Sorry for neglecting you

End of my first week at uni. Tomorrow the work begins.