Pastel pinks and blues

Work by artistic photographer David Hamilton.


Animal heads

Here are images taken from a series of illustrations i did for a postcard project.


Rule Book

Some work by Michelle Thompson, an illustrator i'm looking at for a current project.
"Editorial work tends to be digital for speed but I still work by hand when the circumstances allow. More often it's a combination of techniques. I have a huge archive of elements collected over the past 15 years. Everything from postcards, books and magazines, to wood block type, typewriters and printing sets. I use paint and ink, pens and pencils, as well as my own photography."


Tea, toast and slippers

An attempt at keeping myself pre-occupied when the heatings broken. These images by Sarah Meingot are comforting at least.


The Gambia

Just a few photos i took in The Gambia in Africa this christmas holiday.


Frankly my dear I don't give a damn.

Want, want wanttt a piece from Norwegian jewellery designer Bjorg's collection. Time for saving.


Memory book

These are pages taken from my Stephen Mcpherson inspired memory book. The pictures I posted of his work in November/December clearly don't compare. He is amazing. I did this part of the project in a day, as part of my vis com induction rotation.


It's Snowy outside and i wish i was one of those people who enjoyed playing in it. I'd like some summer sun please!