Sandra freij

Photography by Sandra Freij. Click here for more.



My illustrations and final set up for Pandora's box project



Fashion photography by Camilla Akrans


Anne's tea party

I have a 3 week project based around a single image and a word; both chosen at random and hidden in separate envelopes. I selected a picture of a brain and the words "special guest". I've decided to look at multiple personality disorder as each alter ego appears unexpectedly and becomes a sort of special guest during it's appearance. These are just some initial ideas I did in the first few days. I'll post my design sheets and final result later.



Sketchbooks by John Copeland


Lina and Hanne

Lina Seheynius with model Hanne Odiele.


A blackboard wall

My friend Clare told me to watch 500 hundred days of summer. It's a really good film with the added bonus of having Joseph gordon-levitt as the protagonist. Part of his bedroom in the film is painted with blackboard paint and I really want to copy it and do the same in my room.
Photo by Laura Moss

Image collection book

A selection of pages from my image and text collection sketchbook.