Lovingly Baked, Big on Flavour

Scans of my image collection sketchbook for the "Disused and Unwanted" project. Everything shown is either hand-drawn or found on the floor, in shopping trolleys, lying around at college etc.



I've framed this scooter my dad drew and put it on my wall.



I had a look round some antique shops today for my "disused and unwanted" project. I found a few things and took some pictures to help with ideas and to act as research. I definitely need to get to Portobello market or something one Saturday for more hunting.

Don't play with matches

I will post more parts of the multiple personality illustration book once I've taken some decent photos but for now heres my design sheets and draft pages.



I've been set my final project and think i'm going to theme it on the Disused and Unwanted. Just been doing some initial research and came across these photos by Cari Ann Wayman or Yyellowbird as she goes by on flickr. For more click here


Snap snap snappp

I'm super bored and very hungover. Here are some photos i've taken of my friends. They make me smile.
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